Our Work


United Way of Forsyth County fights for the HEALTH, EDUCATION, FINANCIAL STABILITY and BASIC NEEDS of every person in our community. We believe a quality Education leads to a stable job, which provides Financial Stability and the ability to meet Basic Needs and enjoy good Health. These are the building blocks for a good life and a thriving community. When you support United Way, you are helping to create a stronger, healthier Forsyth County and a brighter future for all.

Your Dollars at Work

United Way of Forsyth County is committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need! Undesignated dollars raised during our annual campaign are distributed from our general fund through the allocations and community grants processes. The Community Investment Committee is made up of volunteers within our community. These volunteers are your friends, neighbors and co-workers with a vested interest in your county. They make the decisions for funding based on the needs of the local community.  

In 2023, United Way of Forsyth County funded approximately 50 organizations, programs and initiatives for a total of $1,293,491. For a detailed report on the funding by impact areas click here

Impact Area graph